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17 May 2008 @ 01:31 pm
I'm slightly drunk and I haven't posted here in AGES but hooray! It's Norway's national celebration day, we're crazy about that stuff up here, I've worn and am gonna wear my NATIONAL COSTUME later and I thought this called for some sort of celebration. Hooray!

I miss the flist and I miss LJ. Maybe I'll try and get this thing started again! Love to all!
22 August 2007 @ 10:50 pm
OMG yes

Hannemaren and me have started a band! And it's just the two of us with the Hot Keyz(!) keyboard and drums and it's so good. My foot and arms are ACHING from playing the drums all night but we made a song, and we sang and we drank and OMG this is the most fun I've had at a practice ever before :DDD

What is so great is we have absolutely nothing to be afraid of so we both just laugh and play


ALSO we beat ARGENTINA! Okay, so it was at home and Argentina wasn't playing their top team but they still had Messi and Masche and others which I don't really know much about since I'm not too interested in their national team (booo for me) but still it's ARGENTINA.

Owww my foot and arm really hurt... but it's all good. It was massive fun playing drums for once. And singing. Haha!
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13 July 2007 @ 07:39 pm


Rafa, please explain. Is this some sort of misplaced attempt to add some youthful edge to your image? Or are you simply trying to scare everyone shitless? It works on me, I'll tell you that..
15 March 2007 @ 03:55 am
seriously. I went to Total Chaos(!) in high heels thinking I'm too old for this pogoing shit, and ended up bloodied and beaten but happy as fuck. My arms are full of scratches and I had my bum pinched too much to be funny and sleazy people putting moves on me but seriously, I've missed this. I think that no matter how much of a fashionista I may look like I'm still the bellowing beerdrinking pogoing urchin deep down.

GOD this was fun.

I got the mic for most of the Complete Control as well. Fantastic.

TOTAL CHAOS. At the most...insignificant, tiny little venue.

I'm still in shock.

I should of taken pictures.

But I have the bluemarks and scratches to show. (hooray?)


Punk Maiken is appearently not dead.

Love love love for Total Chaos.
07 March 2007 @ 12:07 am

I cannot BELIEVE we didn't score this game. Even though they won, it was the best team over the course of two games that went through.

The stadium was utter beauty. I was almost in tears.

I was also almost in tears when Barca scored.

Still it is a mystery to me why Rafa brought Pennant in for Bellers. I don't care what anyone says anymore, I LOVE Bellamy and he played really well, and he is constantly a threat up front with his pace and work rate. From the moment Pennant came in we started to look shady, and seven minutes later they score. I cannot understand what he was supposed to bring into the game.

But nevermind, we're THROUGH! And we've faced Barcelona and we won!

I love love love my team. So much love. You'll never walk alone.
25 February 2007 @ 02:11 am
even with the somehow unconvincing display, if you look at anything but the scoreline, that is. But I suppose it's nothing to be dissatisfied over, considering we've put in good performances without getting away with any points before (re. Newcastle).

So I'm happy. And I was loved how Robbie's goal was pratically his first touch on the ball.

MoM? Er.. probably Gerrard, even with his SulkyMcSulk tendencies in the first half. But it was a beautiful goal, and he was good overall.

I never cease to be amazed by the effort Kuyt puts in, though. In the second half there were times when the entire team looked like they didn't really bother with trying to get the ball properly, but he ran like his life depended on it the whole time. You've gotta respect that kind of work ethic.

Mascherano was okay, he seemed to be a bit nervous at first, doing some mistakes that could've been avoided, but all in all I think he had a decent game and that he can be very valueable for us. He's cut from the same fold as Xabi, playerwise, I think - good passer of the ball, good defensive play, good technique, level-headed when he calms his nerves.

Poor Crouchy though. He's appearently broken his nose. :( Poor lad.

Looked like it hurt quite badly.

In non-football news I was at ASTA KASK last night! It was absolutely brilliant, tight, fun, happy, good times, even though I spent the whole time pressed up against a steel barrier so now my stomach's got a bruise that's shaped like a log across it and my neck hurts like hell. But that's the way it's supposed to with old-school punk music, isn't it?

Micke was quite yummy back in 84, he's not really that anymore but they all had bowling shirts with their names on them which I found ridiculusly adorable. And you cannot help loving 40 year old men entering the stage in denim cut-offs and high tops and somehow pulling it off. Long live the 80's!

I was so ecstatic. The sad thing is, when amazing things like that happen I find it hard to actually register the moment as it passes, and I don't really feel it until long after it has passed. I've been looking forward to this gig for so long and now it's suddenly OVER, and I don't really feel as if I took it all in the way I should have.

But I was there.Collapse )

Speaking of pictures, if you've got an interest in photograpy I suggest to check out the World Press Photo Winners of 2007, which has some absolutely magnificent images.
22 February 2007 @ 12:03 am

I love you boys, I love you so much. I love how you kept on fighting, I loved how you showed team spirit, I loved how you made the brilliant Barca boys sulk and do mistakes in irritation. Yes, they had some pretty big chances but we were the ones who came out on top.

Brilliant, brilliant stuff.

Brave, brilliant Momo. He was class today, I'll be devastated if he's out for long again.

Bellers - he was easily one of our best players, if not the best.

Top three Liverpool players: Momo, Bellers, Carra.

Love love love

I think my flu might even have been cured for a bit there!

And of_doom, how wonderful for you to be there! It must have been amazing!
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18 February 2007 @ 03:55 pm
honestly, I hope this is as exaggerated as it sounds. I mean, Bellamy, come on, I'd started to LIKE you!

It is News of the World, so I don't really know what to believe. The Norwegian papers are all over themselves because of this, but Riise's rep claims he went to bed at 11.30 pm and that he hadn't had any alcohol. There's always so much speculation about things like this.

Rafa is probably FURIOUS.

Meh. I just hope this doesn't affect the game too much, but I suppose it's ridiculus to think it wont..
07 February 2007 @ 03:08 pm
Happy birthday cuissesdefer!!!

Hope you'll have a rad day filled with beautiful boys and men!
05 February 2007 @ 02:05 am
so. has anyone got a paid account on Wireimages?


I really, really, feel like seeing this:

in a bigger version.



Oh, and it's my birthday now. Hooray!